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We’re proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to homeowners.

House WAsh


Are you tired of being ashamed of the dirt, mold, algae and grime that covers the outside of your home? Then call Squeaky Clean Exteriors and schedule us to come and give it a good house wash. 

 Roof Washing


Most homeowners have noticed the black streak taking over the surface of the roofs causing it to look much older than it is. But they do not realize the black streaks aren’t age marks as many assume. This is an alga called Gloeocapsa magma.

 Gutter Cleaning


It’s true that professionally installed gutters create a crisp, clean edge around your home’s roofline, but their main purpose is far more practical than mere aesthetics. The purpose of gutters is to collect rainwater and divert it away from your home’s foundation.

  surface cleaning


At Squeaky Clean Exteriors, we do clean houses, but we do not forget about the other areas on your property that have lost their luster with age. Concrete driveways and sidewalks, along with brick and stone pavers and tile are other surfaces that need our attention. 

With these resilient types of surfaces, we combine just the right strength of solution with much higher water pressure. Many different types of stains can be found on concrete surfaces. Not only does our education and experience give us the upper hand on removing them, but we spare no cost in equipping our arsenal with the highest quality of chemicals needed to give even the toughest stain a run for its money.

Please call us today and let us restore the brightness to all your outdoor surfaces.

 Deck cleaning


Are your decks weathered and in need of restoration? Our cleaning process will leave them bright and renewed!

 window cleaning


Is there a veil of dust and grime clouding your view of nature? We can wash away the filth and leave you with a renewed view of the outdoors!